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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin this friday night with the passing of an american first lady. it was announced around 9:00 tonight that betty ford, the wife of the late president gerald ford, passed away tonight in california. >> mrs. ford is being remembered as a woman who liked challenges. her sudden ascent to the white house came during one of the toughest times in american history. >> betty ford never expected to be first lady. she was thrust into the spotlight after watergate claimed the presidency of richard nixon. she saw the job as a challenge for the renard -- for the inner strength that became her trademark. >> the event that probably had the biggest impact on my life with the day my husband took the oath of office as the president of the united states. >> she married gerald ford in 1948 and began her life as a mother and wife of a politician.
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>> i think my life has been fuller and much broader, and i am happier than i would have been in what is somewhat a narrow life when you have to give up everything to become a professional. >> she was vocal, speaking out for women's rights. when faced with breast cancer in 1974, she spoke openly about the disease and her mastectomy, to subject not talked about in public in those days. she also spoke about her battles with alcohol and drugs and established the betty ford treatment center. once out of washington, mrs. ford rarely stepped back into the political spotlight, making only a few public appearances with other former presidents and their wives, but she remained active in the causes close to her heart. >> former first lady nancy reagan released a statement saying she is deeply saddened by
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the news of betty boards death, calling her an inspiration to many. -- of betty ford's death. you can read more on our website, >> the area has certainly seen a lot of rain in the last 24 hours, raising fears of flooding across central maryland. these pictures tonight from frederick where a small park on west second street looks more like a lake. how much rain did we get? >> 4 to 5 inches of rain over the past couple of days in parts of baltimore county, anne arundel county, harford county, and you can see that heavy rain we have been dealing with the around the baltimore area pounding the ocean sea region. it looks like they have a couple more hours of heavy rain to go. a slow-moving cold front is making its way down towards ocean city right now. it will bring big changes for us as we head into the weekend. good news is on the way, but the
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cleanup continues. shelton dutes is in the mt. washington area of baltimore. how are we doing out there and is the cleanup underway? >> it is not too bad we are set up. this area is very prone to flooding. tonight it does not look like too much of the problem. the water level seems pretty low. we spoke to the bar to permit earlier today and they did not get any reports of flooding around the city -- we spoke to the fire department earlier today. other areas were not so lucky when it came to flooding. the afternoon downpour led much of frederick submerged under water. waterman of course will so high in some areas that intersections -- water levels were so high in some areas that intersection's had to be shut down. these cockeysville businesses spent the day clearing away debris and salvaging what they could. >> i am just trying to help the
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neighbors who on the barnyard up here. >> by businesses had significant damage, including the manufacture of this portable shed which washed up downstream. >> once that bridge gets debris under it and water starts to back up, it is constantly happening. >> it happens like once a year at least. from what i recall, this is probably the worst. >> in dundalk, a tarp covers the building where the roof was ripped off. the storm system knocked down trees and made driving difficult read back in cockeysville, small businesses continue to assess the damage. >> a lot of these things will take weeks to get repaired. >> between last night and today it has been a crazy couple of days of weather. if you took any pictures, we would love to see them.
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just head to our website, >> also on line you will find our futurecast and our interactive radar. it is on your cellphone and >> a federal judge has decided that the state attorney general's lawsuit over the election day roll calls can move forward. a political operative has been indicted and tried to get a judge to halt the civil suit against him, saying witnesses could risk incriminating themselves in the ongoing criminal case. the judge denied the motion saying the court can handle the issue if it arises. the complaint alleges that robocalls tried to suppress voter turnout. >> new information on a man who attacked as being camera vehicle and taunted its operator.
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that suspect may have left something behind. david collins explains how the evidence could provide new leads. >> there may be evidence of who is responsible for attacking a jeep with a hammer and taunting the operator by tapping a shot gun against the vehicle window. state police found fingerprints. investigators believe the suspect may have leaned on the vehicle during some point of the attack. >> witnesses have said that the individual was at the vehicle and was striking the front windshield with a hammer and walking around the vehicle. >> according to police, some witnesses stopped to watch the attack. witnesses have helped authorities develop a better description of the suspect. he is described as a white male, 6 feet tall, 200-" b due to under 20 pounds. he was carrying a black backpack. the man yelled incoherently before striking the windshield
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with a small camera. it's the cameras angered him, why did he not break the device mounted on the front of the windshield? >> we are not ruling out anything right now. we remain open to all possibilities. >> if he acted on impulse, he was unbelievably lucky to find a direct route to the jeep. it was more likely a planned encounter. the pact police believe he used cross is a creek and leads to a fence that has been there awhile with a hole in it. there is a small incline before the ground levels off for this became a jeep had parked. >> there is no definitive suspect being looked at and investigators continue to review surveillance tapes. >> the police manhunt closed portions of the parkway for nearly three hours and disrupted a lot of local businesses. anyone with the permission about
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the crime is urged to call the state police barracks at glen burnie. >> two men are charged with attempted murder, accused of setting fire to an elkridge home. we are told one of the men was divorcing at the time. several people were hurt. both men are now being held without bond. >> the latest jobs report paints a discouraging picture of the nation's economic recovery. employers added only 18,000 jobs in june, bringing the unemployment rate up to 9.2%. the president blamed it on natural disasters, gas prices, and budget cuts.
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>> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidized tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seniors and working families. >> there is no agreement in private or in public, and as the president said yesterday, we are this far apart. >> congressional leaders are expected to meet with the president on sunday for another round of budget talks. advocates of a measure allowing gays to openly serve in the military were dealt a major setback. the house today passed a bill banning military chaplains from performing day marriages on military bases. the measure would protect chaplain to refuse to marry gay couples. opponents call it a measure to delay "don't ask, don't tell". the bill will now go to the senate. >> today marks the end of an era. the space shuttle program is now coming to a close after more than 30 years.
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>> of three engines up and burning. the final lift off of atlantis, the shoulders of the space shuttle. >> this morning atlantis blasted off into history as the last american space shuttle voyage. the countdown had been marked with concerns over the weather, but mother nature held out. the mission is to deliver supplies to the international space station and returned safely. tim tooten has a closer look at the special memories of employees at the goddard space flight center. >> the final lap top of the atlantis, the shoulders of the space shuttle. >> it was an emotional moment for employees as they watched the final voyage of the nasa
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space program. x. i cried. i have worked here for many years and seen many servicing missions, but this program -- we are going to launch in of figures. >> the sophisticated robotic revealing module is a key part of the payload aboard atlantis. it will test whether our robot can reveal a satellite in space. the equipment will be mounted on a platform also designed and developed in maryland. >> goddard was involved in the design and fabrication and testing. >> employees were not the only ones on hand to witness the launch. in the crowd, and oklahoma educator who call this a teachable moment. >> the kids i am working with are not my personal statements, but it is need for them to be
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here and be part of what is going on on the last mission. >> it was pretty amazing. >> for at least once did, it was a time to make memories and claim bragging rights. >> i was at nasa when they did the last launch. not everyone can say that. >> taking aim on the international space station. >> you can expect another round of celebration when atlantis returns to earth from its 12-day mission later this month. >> we know them as the future of the british monarchies. >> tonight, the prince and the duchess of cambridge are on american soil. see what is ahead for their royal newlyweds. >> with the tragedy that we had last night, it hits us at our roots of who we are. >> texas' -- a texas rangers fan
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all to his death while trying to catch a foul ball. >> the cold front freezing heavy rain around ocean city right now. let's see how much of it will linger for the weekend. the forecast is coming up. 72 at the airport rightrt
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>> texas rangers president nolan ryan is speaking out after a man fell to his death right in front of his son. >> is one of the saddest things i have ever seen at a ballpark. as i said earlier, it really goes down to the basic roots of who we are and what we stand for. >> before tonight's game, the rangers observed a moment of silence in honor of shannon stone. they lower the flag at the
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ballpark in arlington, texas, to have stabbed. >> -- to half staff. >> an editor for the weekly world news was later hired as david cairns communications director. now the prime minister is coming under fire for hiring him despite a troubled past. >> the decision to hire him was mine and mine alone, and i take full responsibility for it. >> the reporter who has already served time for phone hacking in 2007 has also been arrested in the case. it may have affected thousands of people, including families of murder victims and fallen soldiers. after spending a week in canada, the royal newlyweds have made their way to the united states. prince william and catherine arrive in los angeles just a couple of hours ago and word has a they have a three day
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schedule full of celebrities and public appearances. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge touched down on u.s. soil late friday afternoon, greeted at los angeles international airport by an entourage including the governor and first lady of california. they were immediately whisked away to the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills, where they turned a venture-capital conference into a major celebrity event. prince william and kate were there to promote the united kingdom's version of silicon valley before an audience of ceo's and potential investors. it is kate and williams first trip together to the united states and has brought out royal watchers from as far away as scotland. >> we watched the royal wedding and then we started planning to be here when we heard there were coming to l.a.
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>> they wrapped up their nine- day canadian tour with the calgary stampede where they mangled with the ip's right up until their flight to the united states -- where they mingled with vip's. they will stay at the british consul general mentioned in historic hancock park. tomorrow, prince william plays and a charity polo match in santa barbara and then they will help promote the british film industry at a black-tie event for the british academy of film and television arts. that event will feature up-and- coming british talent, and we are told a lot of hollywood royalty is on the invitation list, including nicole kidman and tom hanks. they will visit an art center for disadvantaged youth in los angeles before heading home sunday afternoon. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> heavy showers and storms
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slowly making their way across the state, but just about ready to move out of here. still some heavy downpours around ocean city. if you are headed for the beach for the weekend, hang in there. the rains will move off the coast and push away as we head toward the early morning. while it looks like a washed out weekend, things will change dramatically through the early morning hours of saturday, all because of a slow-moving cold front which has already been through here. that front will slowly made its way through a ocean city overnight. it did produce a lot of rain across central maryland. over 5 inches of rain, for into northern anne arundel county. parts of carroll county and right up there in the northwest
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corner of harford county and the northeast corner of baltimore county, another pocket of over four inches. some pretty healthy rain falling across the region. they are still dealing with torrential downpours on the lower eastern shore, so the flood watch continues for a few more hours down there. about a third of an inch of rain in downtown baltimore today, 0.8 at the airport. the record high was not threatened today because of the clouds and showers. temperatures have not cooled off that much yet, but we will be watching for a drop in the dewpoint. 76 degree reading right now with very muggy air. much drier air coming in from the mountains, when it should feel a lot better.
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65-72 tomorrow, and the front moves through and take the tropical moisture and heavy rains out of here. high pressure comes in for maybe two or 2.5 days. looks pretty nice as the front clears the skies. the temperatures will not calotte dramatically. even if we at 90 degrees, it will feel a lot better for the next few days. the next round of showers and storms holding off until late monday night or even tuesday of next week. sunday tomorrow less timid, warm if not hot temperatures, but with lower humidity, it should feel like a nice summer day. the mountains are in for a beautiful weekend with highs in the upper 70 of the to around 80. very comfortable at night. nice weather today, 89 and less humid.
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if you are headed up the coast, it is pouring down right now but things will gradually improve with lots of sunshine on sunday and monday. the forecast around baltimore, temperatures stay warm into early next week, but drier weather for the weekend and the next threat of storms mainly on tuesday. >> the orioles finally show some fight and maybe save a little self-respect. details straight ahead. >> is mega millions. is ant's jackpot estimated $16 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball. 22-2-1-37-50.
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tonight's megaball number is 45. if no one matches all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot will be worth $24 million. be worth $24 million.
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>> the orioles at one point tonight looked completely disinterested in playing the game, getting pounded on the other nemesis from boston. but show walter watching what has to be the worst starting pitcher he has ever managed. batting practice to david ortiz. the red sox jumping out 4-0. the damage continues. brad ferguson pitched well at relief, but the third time he had a comeback he had to leave. following a bid from seven greg that ortiz thought was inside,
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that set off this. many punches thrown, but almost none landed. the red sox in up winning the game, 10-3. >> the place to get them out is pitching them in. i am going to pitch them in. i think there are some ethics to this game, guidelines you have to stay within. you hit a lazy fly ball, you have to run the bases. >> looking forward to game 3 of this series tomorrow. we have a court decision, but not one that seems ready to force anyone hand. the eighth circuit court in st. louis ruled the nfl lockout legal, which seems to give significant leverage to the owners.
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the court also said the owners lawsuit back to minneapolis. -- said the owners lawsuit back to minneapolis. what it means in practical sense, both sides will continue negotiating and hopefully get a deal done soon. joe flacco is a little shy, but he beams in front of the camera. great wedding pictures. we have seen wedding parties lined up before, but none quite as interesting as this one. joe looks comfortable in front of the camera for the first time i can remember. his new bride has clean him up well. the photo in black and white looks like a movie poster. joe flacco coming of age.
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the most amazing soccer story i have ever seen. germany and mexico, take a look. a very nasty collision. gomez bleeding profusely was out of the game on a stretcher in the 75th inning. -- 75th minute. here he is on the quarter kick, a bicycle kick. the game winner, unbelievable. just a meticulous effort. mexico wins, 3-2. that was something special. the kincaids live here.
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>> today's of showers and storms are out of here. perfect timing for saturday and sunday. the front will clear the coast overnight and less humid air comes in behind it. with lower humidity, the weekend is more comfortable, and the next round of storms holds off until late monday night and tuesday before it cools off significantly for the middle part of next week. >> the tonight show with jay leno is coming your way next. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> good night, everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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